1. Astronauta, 2013

    just uploaded this woodcut process to my behance.

    Check it out!

  2. Made these two for a short show in august. Pencil and pastel. 

    really dig those hairstyles! 

  3. Concepts with geometric sihouettes

  4. fervedouro:

    Mar e algas #wip #illustration #ink #pencil #art #draw

  5. fervedouro:

    Frescobol #pencil #drawing #wip

  6. details of brand new stuff.

  7. Made this cool monster foot car for concept class. Need to animate it. Crazy clouds and stuff. 

  8. Made this gif to show you my evil side.

  9. made some bottles for my concept class

  10. a smoking lady on Flickr.

    2014. acrylics on moleskine paper